In 2016, Waterview Hospitality, LLC was formed as a joint venture with Michael B. Holtz and Michael P. Holtz to undertake the management of the hotels that MPH Hotels, Inc. develops. MPH develops limited service and extended stay hotels, typically 75 to 150 rooms in secondary markets; operate these for a period of time; then sell the hotel and realize the potential gain for the investors.

Waterview and MPH Hotels believe the key to success is an inverted pyramid management model which empowers our employees to make decisions that will better the guest experience.  Michael B and Michael P work for their Vice Presidents of Operations, in turn the VPís work for the General Managers, the General Managers work for their employees and the employees work for the guests, then the guest pay all our wages. This emphasizes the importance of the guest experience which is the cornerstone of success in our business.  Not only has this led to loyalty of our guests, but also with our employees who continue to grow within the company.

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IHG recognized Waterview Hospitality with the Owner

Operator Excellence Award for 2022.

This award is only given to 9 hotel management/ownership groups for ALL IHG branded hotels in 2022. To qualify you must have had 3 or more award winning hotels and no hotels in the compliance process.  This was the first time Waterview/MPH has won this award of hotel management companies.



Our Mission

Waterview Hospitality LLC will always lead by example.  We strive to maximize profits without jeopardizing the integrity of a Class A operation.   We will always treat everyone with respect as we under promise and over deliver to our customers and employees to create memorable experiences.


Our Guiding Principles

  • Lead by example

  • Check our ego at the door

  • Treat everyone with respect at all times

  • Always do the right thing in the pursuit of excellence

  • Strive to make maximum profits

  • Reward exemplary performance

  • Under promise and over deliver

  • Change the world not adapt to it

  • Realize that policy is no substitute for good judgment

  • Have fun




100 2nd Avenue South

Suite 301 - N

St. Petersburg, FL 33701

P: (727) 914-8889